Hey, Why Not Pet Presents?

Santa Paws and his trusted elf distributed gift bags
One Stop Pet Shop in Amagansett held its annual Santa Paws event on Sunday. Pictured from left are the shop’s Suzanne Bye, Haleigh, her daughter, Lisa Narizzano, and Mario Orlando. Morgan McGivern

   One Stop Pet Shop was crawling with two and four-legged beings on Sunday, as Santa Paws and his trusted elf distributed gift bags to the East End pets that have gained sustenance, and much more, from the shop for the last 25 years.
    Happy non-human types also posed for Polaroid snapshots taken by Sue Orlando, a co-owner of the shop at 136 Main Street in Amagansett.
    Though the shop does not sell actual pets, its surprisingly large floor and shelf space is stocked with a comprehensive inventory of supplies, from food for dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, horses, chickens, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, and fish to apparel, food dishes, leashes and collars, tick and flea-control products, tanks, carriers, lighting, and more.
    There is a reason behind the petless aspect of One Stop Pet Shop, said Mario Orlando, Sue’s husband and another owner of the store. “We try to help the shelters get adoptions,” he said. Mr. Orlando — a drummer, guitarist, and, most recently, a student of the piano — and Ms. Orlando, who primarily works at One Stop’s Southampton location, are themselves the proud owners of two dogs and three cats, all of them rescues. The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons’ adoption truck, in fact, was at the Southampton location on Saturday, when that shop held its own Santa Paws event. “A couple of them got adopted,” Mr. Orlando reported.
    “We have a lot of specialty foods,” Mr. Orlando said, because “we have a lot of dogs out here with allergies. So we carry a lot of grain-free foods, foods that have a lot of nutrition to them. No byproducts, no corn gluten, no fillers, so it’s better for the dog or cat.” One Stop Pet Shop is also stocked with anti-flea and tick products, including the Frontline and Advantix brands.
    A visitor can wander toward the back of the store, which has been considerably expanded over the years, to find floors and shelves stacked with birdseed, cracked corn, horse feed, cat litter, chicken feed, and food for rabbits and pigs in packages up to 50 pounds.
    Including Mr. and Ms. Orlando, the store employs five people. Business is generally strong, said Mr. Orlando, but the sluggish economy has affected retail businesses, and theirs is no exception. Pet owners, he said, “go from the quality foods to the lesser-quality foods to save money. You can’t blame them for that. And we carry all of that, we have a price range for everybody.”
    So if the question “What do you get for the reptile that has everything?” has been a vexing one this holiday season, One Stop Pet Shop may have your answer.