Recorded Deeds 12.20.12

The prices below have been calculated from the county transfer tax. Unless otherwise noted, the parcels contain structures.

C. Giuseppone to G. and K. Kollitides, 69 Cliff Drive, .39 acre, Oct. 25, $2,700,000.

H. Edwards (by executor) to Old Hedge Capital, 72 Cooper Lane, .34 acre, Oct. 26, $867,000.
M. Balsam (by executor) to D. Lepere and A. Watts, 716 Hands Creek Road, .76 acre, Oct. 19, $650,000.
A. and B. Nadell to L. Razak and Attar-Razak, 506 Hands Creek Road, 1.4 acres, Oct. 26, $870,000.
D. Kursch and V. Gray to C. Warren, 2 Seaton Street, Oct. 10, $550,000.

Koster Land Development to Sag-Harbor Turnpike, 1103 Bridgehampton-Sag-Harbor Turnpike, 2.36 acres (vacant), Oct. 12, $840,000.
Koster Land Development to Sag-Harbor Turnpike, 1095 Bridgehampton-Sag-Harbor Turnpike, 1.6 acres, Oct. 12, $840,000.

T. Kelly to F. Kelly and B. Israely, 63 West Gate Road, Oct. 15, $955,000.

Data provided by Suffolk Research Service of Southampton