Recorded Deeds 04.19.12

The prices below have been calculated from the county transfer tax. Unless otherwise noted, the parcels contain structures.

A. Calero to M. Bompey and L. Almon, 233 Red Dirt Road, 1.23 acres, Jan. 25, $1,600,000.

15 Robert’s Lane L.L.C. to J. Behar, 15 Robert’s Lane, .78 acre, March 2, $2,875,000.
L. Branche and D. Roach to S. Grover, 10 Stokes Court, .7 acre, Jan. 24, $480,000.

P. and J. Jensen to B. Covit, 12 Montauk Avenue Extension, .74 acre, Feb. 25, $1,650,000.
M. Mahoney to E. and H. Goodstone, 16 Windermere Drive, .23 acre, Jan. 31, $554,000.

M. and A. Meredith to K. Levine, 1071 Fireplace Road, .75 acre, Feb. 13, $325,000.
R., S., and D. Herrlin by executor to J. Herrlin Jr. and Ludwig, 183 Three Mile Harbor-Hog Creek Road, 1 acre, Feb. 10, $2,200,000.

P. and J. Young to J. and D. Capone III, 20 Bathgate Road, .45 acre, Feb. 29, $1,400,000.

Data provided by Suffolk Research Service of Southampton