Now, Khanh Can Do More

Khanh Sports is now stocked with 200 bikes
Khanh Ngo has opened a new, larger shop in the Montauk Highway, East Hampton space formerly occupied by Spielberg Nursery. Morgan McGivern

   “You don’t want to come in to a bike shop and see 10 bikes,” Khanh Ngo observed, standing in his newly opened Khanh Sports and Boutique. “You want to see 100.”
    As it happens, Khanh Sports, occupying the former Spielberg Nursery and Garden Shop at 500 Montauk Highway in East Hampton, is now stocked with 200 bikes, among them a wide variety from the Specialized brand, and 8 and 11-speed ElliptiGO outdoor elliptical bikes. “This is like running without impact,” Mr. Ngo said of the ElliptiGO brand. “Doctors are recommending it; they’re using it in physical therapy. We are the biggest dealer, nationally and internationally. If you need instruction, I’m certified in it. I’ve done 111 miles in 7.5 hours.”
    Mr. Ngo, whose Khanh Sports and EH Eyewear is in its 17th year at 60 Park Place in East Hampton Village, long felt the need to expand beyond the shop brimming with sunglasses, swimwear, sandals, and more for the active, outdoor lifestyle. With a lease on the former Spielberg site, he has put his plans in motion.
    A personification of vitality and activity, Mr. Ngo, who has been in the United States — he is from Vietnam — since 1979, ticks off a list of products and services his shop offers.
    “Helmets, accessories, gloves. Off-road bikes that you can actually ride on the beach, even in the soft sand. Everything is all in one place, versus ‘We can order it.’ We do repairs, too. In the other part we’re going to do surf. On top of that is the Ping-Pong table. Everybody’s got a pool; everybody’s got a house. They want a Ping-Pong table. Also, we are expanding to miniature golf. We could do it for parties, set it up at people’s houses. Eight holes, 9 holes, 18 holes, we’ll set it up on your lawn, wherever you want. Come on, where have you seen that done?”
    There’s more: “Volleyball sets, tents, fishing gear. Here, we’re going to do some teak furniture,” he said. Several long paddleboards are suspended overhead in the shop. “We’re renting them, we have people doing lessons. I can’t display this at the store in the village. If I put it in the village, it’s on the sidewalk. There’s no room inside the store. Now, you can drive up, you can park as many cars as you want.”