About That Cirillo’s Work

An open letter to customers

   “With every major renovation comes some noise and mess,” reads a letter posted in the window of Cirillo’s Market, also known as the Amagansett I.G.A., “and I ask for patience as we all work through this.”
    Fran Cirillo, owner of the market, posted this open letter to customers when a long-planned renovation recently got under way. With a targeted completion date of late June, the 5,000-plus-square-foot expansion on the building’s west side is well in progress.
    Customers have been negotiating a congested and sometimes chaotic parking lot as the maelstrom of construction activity has sometimes extended to the adjacent parking spaces of the post office. But upon completion, Ms. Cirillo’s letter promises, the supermarket “will have an entirely new look, substantially more product, and your overall shopping experience will be that much greater.”
    The expansion has been two years in planning, Ms. Cirillo told The Star. “We started a few months ago. A lot of work was done inside, in the back — plumbing, ripping up floors.”
    Why an expansion? Because it’s important to have more products for the community, Ms. Cirillo said. “People are asking for more and more things.” These include “a lot more organic product, and a lot more gluten-free products.” There have been many other customer requests, she said, “where I didn’t have the shelf space before. I’m trying to accommodate the community.”
    Fulfilling these customer requests will be accomplished, she said, with the addition of 25 feet on the building’s west side, extending from the front to the back of the building, and additional improvements to the building’s east side.
    Until completion, customers can ask for any items that cannot be found in their usual places. Items can also be ordered for delivery.
    Food shopping may not be everyone’s favorite pastime, “but it is my hope,” the letter concludes, “that you will enjoy it a little more, when you have a beautiful new setting to shop in.” An expanded parking lot, restored to its previous tranquillity, should make that aspect more enjoyable, too.