Bridgehampton Blowout

Lila Beudert at her new salon. Bonnie Edwards

Lila Beudert, a native of East Hampton, wants to make sure that there’s no such thing as a bad hair day in the Hamptons. For those with windswept beach locks or just plain frizz, stylists at her hair salon, Blow Hampton, which opened on Wednesday on Main Street in Bridgehampton, does only blowouts.

Most will cost $40 no matter whether your hair is as fine as the Donald’s or as wild as Don King’s. “It’s an affordable luxury,” Ms. Beudert said.  The Gwyneth will result in a polished and sleek look. A Kate will build volume and loose curls. An up-do, the Audrey, is the most expensive procedure at $65 and conveniently arriving at bridal season. Kids under 12 pay $25; men get away with a Romeo blowout at  $20.

A veteran of the hospitality industry, having managed the Coffee Shop in New York, the Boathouse in East Hampton, and Sag Harbor’s Madison & Main, Ms. Beudert said she wants a friendly atmosphere that is “the coffee shop of hair salons.” She even offers a no-babysitter service for those who want their hair done at home.