Golden Pear Launches Packaged Goods

The South Fork chain comprised of four Golden Pear Cafes do “very well,” according to Keith Davis, the company's president. But rather than be limited strictly to retail sales, Mr. Davis has gone “outside the box” to expand his brand by launching a wholesale business. This spring he introduced a line of edible products from -- from coffees to “farm stand jellies.” They are carried by the cafes and King Kullen’s Wild by Nature.

Mr. Davis credited the idea to Christine Bellini,  former co-owner of Two Italian Girls, a gourmet food line in Sag Harbor, who is currently in “gourmet brand development” at Crown Advertising and Marketing in Plainview. The pair worked for a year developing the products from concept to packaging.

“Coffee was natural because we were already doing that,” said Mr. Davis, adding that in the cafes the organic Main Beach House Roast is the line’s best seller. A new organic Sumatra, which he calls Sagg Main, is a close second. His single-serve brew cups made for Keurig machines are also popular. Trail mix, which is selling well in the cafes, made sense as a “grab and go” item. His latest, Hamptons Trail Mix, which is high in antioxidants, is outselling his other three.

In his attempt at regional outreach, Mr. Davis has gotten the line into King Kullen’s four freestanding Wild by Nature stores, and is hoping to get into the in-house Wild by Natures, such as the one within King Kullen in Bridgehampton. But, he said, that takes a different route.

“It’s not easy,” he said, referring to distribution. “It’s a step by step process that takes capital. We’re learning as we go.” Within six months he is hoping to get into Whole Foods. That company vets products for the coming year in the fall.

For those who’d like to try the products, he is offering a 15-percent discount during the month of June on