Inside the New Issue of EAST: The Hidden Hamptons

The July issue's cover art is by the late Howard Kanovitz, showing a moody moment on Gardiner's Bay, circa 1980.

This summer's second issue of EAST, The Star's seasonal magazine, takes you down back roads and around unexpected bends to uncover the secrets and back stories of what might easily be mistaken for fully mapped East End territory. 

Pat Mundus reveals what it was like to grow up with her larger-than-life father, the legendary Frank Mundus (immortalized in fictional celluloid form as Quint in "Jaws"). Nina Channing uncovers the real, archival hidden history of Camp Hero's connection with the Netflix show "Stranger Things." Ellen T. White recounts the fascinating forgotten story of an East Hampton Eagle Scout who grew up to be a con man. And Philippe Cheng explores the "Ghosts of Sylvester Manor" in stirring words and photographs of a landscape haunted by America's racially divided past.

Packed with plenty of fun and lighthearted features, too — on everything from sparking-wine cocktails to the private world of private chefs to a timeline of swimsuits past and present — EAST, we hope, will not just give you food for thought, but put a smile on your face, too.

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