Shelter Island Gets Own Seaworthy Scent

Bond No. 9, a location-centric perfumery that started off naming its fragrances after New York neighborhoods – think Washington Square and Chinatown — has in recent years begun to name them for East End locales. Their latest “beach scent” is called Shelter Island, and follows earlier launches of Hamptons, Montauk, and Sag Harbor, in which village the fragrance house has an outpost next to the American Hotel.

The eau de toilette is touted as the “world’s first marine oud.” We had to look up the word “oud,” and discovered that it is a sweet aromatic resin derived from the wood of the agar tree. Due to its rarity, its value is estimated at about 1.5 times that of gold. Algae extract gives the fragrance a fittingly aquatic note, and the bottle is given nautical credibility with blue and white stripes.

What’s next? Might we suggest Bonac Balm, with a bouquet redolent of striped bass and haul-seine nets and a hint of potato essence?