Shop Delves Into the Mystic

The window at The Enchanted World Monte Farber

Monte Farber and Amy Zerner, a couple known for their success in interpreting such branches of the occult as Tarot and astrology for a mass audience, have opened a shop this week next to Rowdy Hall in East Hampton called Enchanted World Emporium where they will make available locally all the things they have sold far and wide for many years.

While collaborating on their books, 45 at last count, Ms. Zerner, an artist, has also carved a niche designing fashion and jewelry for an elite following at Bergdorf Goodman where a cache of “feminist philanthropists” pay top dollar for her hand-appliqued jackets. Made of silk with embroidered organza and beaded trims, the theatrical apparel are considered works of art by many and have been collected by such high-profile women as Liz Taylor who had nine, Patti Labelle, Shirley Maclaine, and Vivien Duffield, an heir to Selfridges, the London department store, who owns 30.

Their first customer wandered in Tuesday afternoon just as Mr. Farber packed up his tool bag having finished hanging a framed angel tapestry that hovers above the store's desk. She left shortly thereafter with a Chakra Meditation Kit, a trove of book, cards, and a CD to “bring balance to body, mind, and spirit.” Soon after, Bridget Leroy, an old friend of the couple, stopped in to wish them well and check out the merchandise. Ms. Leroy showed pictures on her cellphone of Ms. Zerner’s posters hanging in her chicken coop where, she said, they calm her hens. A neighboring shopkeeper appeared and remarked that, “It’s nice to have something spiritual in the middle of all this materialism.”

Though the proprietors will be hanging out in the store on afternoons this weekend, they will not officially open the premises till May 14.

Cheryl Lee
Monte Farber