A Sun Goods Shop Rises

The New York store has been up and running. Sandrine Guibert

With houses flying off real estate shelves like canned goods, a slew of home furnishings stores are poised to fill the interior fashion niche.

The newest kid on the block in East Hamptons is Les Toiles du Soleil (Cloth of the Sun), a high-quality fabric and accessories retailer out of France. Though founded in the 19th century, the company is known for a “contemporary coastal style.” The boutique owner, Jean-luc Carrucciu, who plans to open his doors in early May, signed a long-term lease at a 488-square-foot space at 78 Park Place -- the former digs of Montauk Printing and Graphics, which moved out in December and will be working solely out of its Montauk location.

The shop’s selection of colorful fabrics made on old-world looms and available by the yard, were originally used in the making of espadrilles, those beachy French rope-soled shoes. It also offers accessories including tote bags and throw pillows and more substantial summer must-haves from beach umbrellas to custom awnings.

Sandrine Guibert
Sandrine Guibert