Town v. Cyrils, Another Round

Morgan McGivern

    The town’s ongoing dispute with Cyril’s, the popular roadside restaurant and bar on Napeague, returned to court on Monday in a continued effort to hammer out a resolution to the many outstanding violations at the property.

    Among the many charges Cyril’s is facing are lack of site plan approval from the town, lack of a building permit for some of the structures on the site, and illegal wetlands clearing.

    “We’re focusing on the building issues, the building itself, and the other structures, storage trailers, etc.,” Joseph W. Prokop, the town’s attorney, said after appearing in East Hampton Town Justice Court Monday. “We’re trying to clarify our positions to each other so we can see if there is any middle ground, if there is a reason to continue speaking. We might be able to resolve some points, but not everything.”

    Dianne Le Verrier, the attorney for Michael Dioguardi, who owns the property, expressed optimism yesterday that the two sides will come to a resolution. Tina Piette, the attorney for the restaurant’s owner, Cyril Fitzsimons, was representing a client elsewhere on Monday and will be on vacation this week.

    When the two sides appeared Monday before East Hampton Town Justice Lisa R. Rana, she asked them to submit to her their working proposals for a resolution, cautioning them that there was no point working on a proposal if she was going to veto it as a final settlement.

    Ms. Le Verrier, who is with the Le Verrier Law Firm, and Mr. Prokop are to sit down in a preparatory meeting tomorrow in advance of another sit-down with Justice Rana on Monday.
    Ms. Le Verrier has already turned in her proposed settlement for the judge’s review, and Mr. Prokop expected to do so today.