Relay: A Taxing Season

There are so many things to do on my honey-do list

So it is March, and I really need to organize my tax stuff because this year it is going to be a bit complicated. Well, this year it’s going to be really complicated. So I have to go get to it, but it’s Sunday and there are so many things to do on my honey-do list:

Clean the inside of the dishwasher

Clean the birdbaths

Rake the winter deadfall

Sharpen pencils

Go to the dump

Sharpen pencils

Pat the cat

Feed the birds

Go for a drive

Sort old photos

Stack magazines


Clean out the freezer

Make soup

Sharpen garden tools

Oil the squeaky wheel

Feed the birds

Sort laundry

Change the sheets

Do another load of laundry

Iron napkins

Take out the newspapers

Brush the cats

Dust everything

Shake out the rugs

Check emails

Check Facebook

Check Twitter

Look at Instagram

Take pictures of anything

Sweep the porch

Wash anything that will hold still

Trim some forsythia for forcing

Trim some forsythia

Watch the news


Watch the weather channel

Watch TCM, whatever is playing

Water the plants

Water the plants I missed the first time

Clean the oven

Clean the fridge

Tidy under the kitchen sink

Sew on a button

Hem those pants

Get the cat hair off the black clothes

Throw away old makeup

Hang that picture

Hang the other one too

First clean the glass

Find the nails and the hammer

Sweep the porch

Sweep the deck

Vacuum the car

Vacuum the house

Sort my photos

Go to the gym

Sweep the steps

Make a list of things that need doing

Call a friend

Call the tree guy

Call the grass guy

Pay bills

Call another friend

Check emails again

Check Facebook again

Find all the cat toys

Plump the cushions

Take a walk

Take another one

Oops, ran out of (fill in the blank); gotta get to the (fill in the blank) store

Make some tea

Drink the tea

Read the paper

Try to do the crossword puzzle

Take a nap

Look at the clock. 

Oh my, it’s too late to start on the taxes now. It’s getting dark, but, my, doesn’t the house look nice? They call it spring cleaning, but really it’s tax-avoidance cleaning. Maybe tomorrow I will call the tax guy and get an extension, because there is just no time. 

Durell Godfrey is a contributing photographer to The Star.