L.V.I.S. and 50 Trees

    Tropical Storm Irene may have struck with no more than a glancing blow, but it took a toll on the street trees in East Hampton Village. Word is that the East Hampton Ladies Village Improvement Society estimates some 50 will have to be replaced to fill in the gaps left as the downed trunks and limbs were cut up and carted away.
    So it goes for the venerable organization, which quietly tends to about 3,500 trees large and small on the village byways. On the organization’s annual to-do list is overseeing pruning and inoculations and battling Dutch elm disease to stave off a fungal attack, which could be devastating for those that are Main Street icons.
    We are told that the L.V.I.S. likes to spread its business around when it comes to buying trees. We are also told that when the Ladies arrive at a nursery to look over the stock, vendors are most solicitous, as well they should be.
    The L.V.I.S. has made keeping East Hampton beautiful a top priority for a very long time. It deserves continued support and admiration.