Repeat After Me: Ama-Gan-Sett

    In the grand scheme of things it probably doesn’t matter a fig, but to our ear, a new Z sound in Amagansett is just plain wrong. Sad to say, we hear it increasingly everywhere — a grating “Ama-ganz-it.”
    People don’t want to be told they are mispronouncing a word, so most of us avoid offering corrections. A woman of our acquaintance did just that recently, however, and was met with an indignant response along the lines of, “I’ve been coming here for 10 years, and I’ve always said it that way!”
     Where did this come from? When did it start? And what’s wrong with the letter S?


OMG, couldn't agree more. Scrapes my eardrums to hear "Amaganzit." I personally think it happened after WEHM came to town with Djs from away, who didn't know how it was pronounced; they all were calling it Amaganzit for years (tho I think they got the memo finally a coupla years ago, cause I've heard it correctly pronounced a bit on air lately). Similarly: It's annoying that people say (or write) "Route 27." What's wrong with Montauk Highway? Or just "the Highway"?