Sell It All?

   Confusion increased at East Hampton Town Hall this week with the three-person Republican majority on the town board apparently ready to sell four of the seven condominium units the town owns on Pantigo Place to a lowball bidder. The deal would unload the condos, which house key town departments, at a price well below the fire-sale offer the majority had favored earlier.
    This comes at the same time that East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson is eager to sell the town’s multimillion-dollar sewage treatment plant for a paltry $300,000, and hand over management of public tennis courts in Amagansett to a private club.
    If there are convincing reasons for these insider deals, the majority hasn’t articulated them. Nor does the town have clear plans for what would happen if the plans go through. As far as the waste plant goes, under the terms of the proposal, taxpayers would remain responsible for the cost of cleaning up the site to meet state environmental standards.
    We hope cooler heads will prevail and that these arrangements are slowed until their ramifications can be fully understood and the public has been heard.