Retail Therapy

Who doesn’t love a sale?

Okay, so this winter has not been nearly as bad as the one that preceded it, but it nevertheless has been bleak, at times freezing cold, and, except for a bit of snow, lacking in seasonal diversions. How thankful we are, though, for the half-off sales. Retail, it seems, can give us something to do when there is little left other than binge-watching Netflix. 

While many shops do pull down the shades and lock the doors come Labor Day, there are quite a few that tough it out all year long, closing for just a few short weeks even when Main Street can seem quiet enough to hear a quarter drop. Supporting those stores that make the commitment to at least show up seems doubly worthwhile — retail therapy for shop and shopper alike. And who doesn’t love a sale?

Good boots for 70 bucks, swim shorts for 20, a down coat for less than the cost of dinner for two — it’s a good reason to get out of the house, even if inventory is a little, well, diminished. So what if everything is neon-pink? It’s half-off!

Winter is in its final weeks now, and as tree buds fatten and snowdrops nod in the breeze, we can just sense without having to look at the calendar that summer is coming, and coming fast. How smug we will feel come July when we can steal a moment or two to sit on the hot sand in our coveted half-price sunglasses or $20 trunks and think about how smart we were back in March.