Help to Power Down

If for self-interest alone, homeowners and businesses should jump on a new energy efficiency program sponsored by PSEG Long Island. In an effort to meet peak demand, while at the same time reducing everyone’s utility bills, free power audits are being made available. It is as simple as phoning 800-567-2850, making an appointment, then setting aside a couple of hours while your house or business is evaluated by a certified energy inspector. 

Participants get back a detailed report with a range of options for cutting electricity use and making upgrades. The program also can provide information about rebates, financing options, and separate options for low and moderate-income households. Businesses can get free LED lighting conversions. But that’s not all, as they say on TV. 

Residential and commercial utility customers can receive free Nest-brand “smart” thermostats if they join a program to allow their summertime air-conditioning to remotely be set down a degree or two at times of peak grid demand, but just for up to 10 times a year. Customers who already have Nest thermostats get $250 if they sign up. Another offer is a rebate to replace pool pumps with energy-saving models that can reduce electricity use by up to 80 percent. There’s a cash bonus for installers, as well.

It is, of course, not all about the money. Reducing demand is part of a multipronged strategy to eliminate the pollution-causing diesel generators deployed in East Hampton to meet summertime needs and also slow the South Fork’s unsustainable growth in electricity use. It starts with a phone call to the number above or by filling out a form at Do it today. It really matters.