Fund-Raising Method Innovative and Fun

Giving Tuesday came and went here this week with myriad pitches floating in electronically and a few coming to the old-fashioned mailbox. Guild Hall went a step further, trying a live event streamed on Facebook from noon to midnight. During the day, Guild Hall staff went before the camera to talk about what they do. East Hampton Village Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr. stopped by. Music and readings came later on. With the help of a video feed made possible by the LTV technical staff, viewers were able to join in on and off during the day, and a dozen or two were hovering when we watched.

Guild Hall’s was the most technically sophisticated fund-raising approach of the season; a final accounting of how the live stream did financially will take some time and be instructive. However, taking a look behind the scenes and getting a feel for the people who make it all happen was productive.

The sheer number of local organizations to which year-end donations could be made is staggering. They range from the very small, like Elsa’s Ark, which primarily aids stray and feral cats, to the very large, like Stony Brook Southampton Hospital and the big arts institutions, like Guild Hall, the Parrish Art Museum, and the LongHouse Reserve. In between are many worthy institutions, such as the Montauk Playhouse, the public libraries, Meals on Wheels, East End Hospice, and the several historical societies.

Guild Hall shined a light on its own role in the community by taking its message online for half a day and half a night. It also helped remind viewers of the many choices they have when the charitable urge strikes.