Village Takes on Party Problems

The East Hampton Village Board has been looking at some quality of life issues as the new year approaches and as another booming summer season appears likely. One issue overdue for attention is the matter of permits for large private gatherings and special events.

Under current rules, the village is much more lenient than East Hampton Town. Permits are required for parties in the village only when guest and staff vehicles will be parked on public property. Another permit trigger is whether an excess of garbage is expected to be produced, a factor too amorphous to be of much utility in protecting neighbors from too much festivity. 

Changes are under consideration, but the village anticipates that the number of guests, not where they park, will be the determining measure of which events will require permits and which will not. A more detailed application will be part of the change, as will be the procedures for processing requests.

New rules should go a long way toward assuring the village remains the way its residents want it.