I-Tri’s 10 Grand Grant

    I-Tri, a Springs organization that offers “transformation through triathlon for at-risk adolescent girls,” recently received a $10,000 grant from the Simple Works Foundation of East Hampton.
    The grant provides equipment and training for 23 young women (ages 11 through 15) from the Springs School who are enrolled in the program and in training for the Maidstone Park Youth Triathlon on July 24. The money will also enable I-Tri to pursue plans to take the program to other school districts in 2012.
    Through the sport of triathloning, a curriculum of physical fitness and nutrition activities, and self-affirming lessons of respect, responsibility, teamwork, and dedication, I-Tri helps participants develop healthy habits and attitudes. The group’s executive director, Theresa Roden, writes a blog where more information about the girls’ goings-on can be found: i-tri-girls.blogspot.com.
    Simple Works, a nonprofit corporation established in 2007, funds smaller, established, high-impact, and easily monitored projects with definable goals aimed at the health, wellness, and education of children.