Gay Center Here?

    In response to the suicide of David Hernandez, a 16-year-old junior at East Hampton High School, David Kilmnick, chief executive officer of Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth, has organized a community forum to take place at the school on Tuesday.
    Participants in the 6 p.m. event will discuss the possibility of establishing a G.L.B.T. community center on the East End.
“We will never know David’s true sexual orientation as he is no longer with us,” Mr. Kilmnick said in a letter. “What we do know, however, is that David, like all other teens on the East End, did not have a G.L.B.T. center to go to for support and community like those in western and central parts of Suffolk County and those in Nassau County.”
    The school district will also sponsor a program on cyber-bullying within the next month, a suicide prevention program in January, and Challenge Days next spring. The Gay-Straight Alliance is at the school every Thursday.