Paid Internships for Trail Leaders

    The Concerned Citizens of Montauk announced this week a new paid internship open to six East Hampton High School students interested in learning how to lead bilingual outdoor education walks. Selected through an application process open to sophomores and juniors, the students will each receive a $500 grant made possible through the Andrew Sabin Family Foundation.
    “C.C.O.M. believes the key to preservation is education,” Robert Stern, the environmental organization’s president, said in a release. “Our goal is to ignite the interest of high school students and engage them in reaching out to East Hampton’s diverse community.”
    The students, who do not need to be bilingual, will be trained by National Park Service rangers who will lead them through a full-day outdoor education workshop and share their own experiences and interpretive techniques that have inspired park visitors throughout their careers.
    Over the course of the internship, participants will learn how to research and write trail brochures. Working with mentors, they will be trained to lead a series of walks conducted in English and Spanish to explore Montauk’s natural areas.
    Applications, which are available online at or at the principal’s office at the high school, must be filed with the organization by Feb. 13. The trail walks are open to the public, and a schedule will be posted on the Web site.