New Site’s Ideas for Kids

    For parents who are out of ideas for things to do with their young children, there’s a new site in town. Giggles ’n’ Grit, started by a trio of mothers, offers hyper-local ideas to get the ball rolling and creative juices flowing.
    “We want to offer inspiring things to do,” said Kat O’Neill, who lives in East Hampton with her husband and 5-year-old son. The Web site, which is divided into categories of activities like “Fun ’n’ Free” and “Out ’n’ About,” showcases things to do with children that parents might not think up on their own. Many of them have to do with the outdoors, but there are plenty of indoor activities as well.
    Some of the choices include searching for a snowy owl or blue salamander, joining a Lego play group, swabbing different locations inside the house and then letting the resulting bacteria grow in a petri dish, hatching a “sea monster,” cleaning up Main Beach, and various art projects. There are lists worth their weight in gold to moms and dads: child-friendly restaurants, museums, parks, and classes in East Hampton and beyond.
    There are also giggles — like the disturbing origins of nursery rhymes, lifted from — and grit, like the “plastic dilemma,” which can spark a lively discussion among parents.
    “What started as a creative alternative to the dreaded play date has evolved into a library of content that we hope will inspire parents to do more unique things with their children, to really explore the world around them,” Ms. O’Neill said.
    Initially, the group was going to be private, “more like a club, but that was too exclusive.” Instead, “it has created a chance for moms and dads to get together with the kids and socialize. We always try to incorporate some learning into the fun,” she said. “Laugh more, learn more.”
    About 20 parents form the core group, but Ms. O’Neill, who, with Amanda Switzer manages the site, hopes that more will come aboard. The kids range in age from about 2 to 7, she added.
    New content is being added all the time, and the group is open to new ideas, too. “We want to have people join who want to have fun,” Ms. O’Neill said.
    Those with adventurous spirits and young explorers in tow can find the site at