Online Caution in Gansett

    A cautious approach to content on the school’s Web site is advisable, members of the Amagansett School Board agreed at its Tuesday meeting. Eleanor Tritt, the district superintendent, said that, because of privacy, security, and copyright concerns, students will not be permitted to publish Web pages on the school’s Web site,, and teachers must get permission to develop a blog.
    Names and photos of students will also be limited on the Web site, said Ms. Tritt, who pointed out that in a hamlet as small as Amagansett, even identifying students only by first name effectively reveals their identity. She added that a committee meets regularly to examine how the school uses technology.
    Also, the board approved the appointment of additional substitute teachers to the previously established substitute list for the 2012-13 school year. They are Jennifer Barra, Kelley Bailey, Heather Carasiti, Valerie Gilday, Kameron Kaiser, Janet McKenzie-Bardong, Debbie Silverblank, Lynn Stewart, and Laura Stone. The board approved the appointment of Austin Keyes, who will serve as multimedia arts assistant on an as-needed basis, at a rate of $51 per hour.