Construction At Springs School

    Two construction projects are under way at Springs School.

    One will expand the front parking lot to add more spaces and improve traffic flow. The parking lot, which now has 20 spaces, will get an additional 10 to 12 spots.

    The second project, the creation of a walkway along Ed Hults Lane near the back of the school, will improve safety for walkers, a particular concern during morning drop-off.

    Elizabeth Mendelman, the school board president, said both projects would be complete by the start of school on Monday, Sept. 9.

    “No trees will be removed,” said Ms. Mendelman. “We are working around the trees.”

    Both projects were included among a list of capital improvements the board approved in the spring at a cost of nearly $300,000. While the parking lot and repairs along Ed Hults Lane were budgeted at approximately $80,000, a front vestibule and ramp, expected to cost around $75,000, will be delayed until the following year.

    Construction on the vestibule, which required a more rigorous approval process, will likely begin next summer.