A Surprise Resignation

       Few braved the Arctic temperatures on Tuesday night, when the East Hampton School Board unanimously voted to accept the resignation of Keith Malsky, the assistant principal of John M. Marshall Elementary School. The resignation came as a shock to several staff members and administrators across the district’s three buildings.

       Over the past 12 years, Mr. Malsky has held a variety of administrative positions, working as both the assistant principal at East Hampton High School and the principal of the Middle School before going to John Marshall. Since his resignation concerned a matter of personnel, no further information was made public.

       Early Wednesday afternoon, Beth Doyle, John Marshall’s principal, sent an email to families. In it, she congratulated Mr. Malsky on his forthcoming retirement. Ms. Doyle also mentioned her pending maternity leave later this spring, assuring parents that she would be gone for six weeks, “barring any medical complications.”

       In the meantime, she wrote that the assistant principal position had been posted, and that she hoped to fill it prior to her maternity leave. She also noted that Robert Tymann, the district’s assistant superintendent, would fill the role of interim principal during her absence.

       Later in the meeting, during the second opportunity for public comments, Claude Beudert, who teaches special education at East Hampton Middle School, expressed surprise at the news, along with a handful of colleagues.

        “I wish him luck and hope it allows him to spend time with his family and I hope he pursues a career in working with kids and adults,” said Mr. Beudert.

       Mr. Malsky resigned in a letter dated Jan. 7. The resignation will not take effect until Feb. 14.

       Also on Tuesday night, the board voted to terminate the employment of Michael Rivas, a custodial worker, effective Dec. 4. Devon Grisham was appointed in his place for a probationary period of 26 weeks, beginning on Jan. 8. He will be paid an annual salary of $42,352. Mark Field, who has been a custodial worker for some time, was moved to a higher grade, also for a 26-week probationary period. His salary, currently $74,033, will increase by $15,000 annually.

       Medical leaves were approved for James Carter, a custodial worker, Kathy Dodge, a paraprofessional, and Marcela Cardona, an elementary school teacher.

       The board also approved a shared sports agreement between East Hampton and Sag Harbor. Whenever possible, the two districts combine students to play on several teams.

       Joe Vas, the district’s athletic director, announced that the Kendall Madison Foundation, an East Hampton-based nonprofit, has donated two treadmills and three elliptical machines to the high school’s fitness center, and has pledged an additional $15,000 worth of equipment.

       The board adjourned after about 35 minutes, though not before accepting a donation of 32 young-adult books from Jeanne McDermott, a resident of the district. It will meet next on Jan. 21, starting at 6:30 p.m.