Grades 3 to 8 Go Digital

Monday night’s meeting of the Springs School Board tackled updates related to technology and enrollment, with the start of school less than one month way.

At the sparsely attended meeting, Elizabeth Mendelman, the board president, expressed excitement at the start of a new school year. “I’m sure my kids aren’t that excited, but their mother certainly is,” she said.

Eric Casale, the principal, next led a presentation related to a new technology initiative. Come September, the school will go 1-to-1 in grades three to eight, meaning that each student will be paired with his or her own digital device. As well as using Chromebooks, the school will also adopt a B.Y.O.D., or Bring Your Own Device, policy, whereby students can bring their own laptops, iPads, and smartphones for use during lessons.

To prepare for the transition — and its increased bandwidth requirements — Mr. Casale said the building has upgraded its Wi-Fi capabilities. In addition, teachers will create individual web pages where nightly homework assignments, monthly newsletters, and teacher contact information will be posted. Google Translate will help translate the pages into Spanish, a particular help for the school’s Spanish-speaking families, more than 50 percent of the school.

In other news, Thomas Primiano, the district’s treasurer, discussed the front vestibule project, which he said is now “60 to 70-percent complete.” He estimated that most of the work would be done by next week. With $168,000 budgeted, he said, the work came in “very close to budget” — about $20,000 over the initial projected costs.

Mr. Casale updated the board concerning enrollment. So far, the pre-K to grade eight enrollment is at 730, which is 9 students ahead of last year’s numbers. The incoming pre-K class is now at 41, and 71 students are enrolled for kindergarten, though these numbers are likely to increase in the coming weeks.

Later in the meeting, the board approved several new hires. John Finello, the district superintendent, said that the district had received more than 1,000 résumés over the summer.

Ashley Dellapolla, Amanda Rivera, and Nicole Sabatello will work as leave replacements. Laura Dunham was hired as a special education teacher, and Meghan Cereola was hired as a physical education and health teacher. Both will work for three-year probationary periods at an annual salary of $55,246.

What’s more, Joseph Van Asco will work as a teaching assistant, with Maria Del Vecchio working as a part-time account clerk. Sherry Williams will work as a part-time art teacher, with Angelina Modica assuming the role of part-time music teacher.

Lisa Seff, Laura Foti, and Sean Knight will see slight increases in their teaching loads, with commensurate increases in salary. The board appointed Keri DeLalio as chairwoman of the committee on special education. Ms. DeLalio will also oversee the committee on preschool special education.

The next meeting is planned for Sept. 8 at 7 p.m.