Senior Pranks Spur Disciplinary Action at East Hampton High

East Hampton High School students are in some trouble following senior pranks on Thursday, school officials said. Christine Sampson

East Hampton School District officials confirmed Friday that senior pranks carried out by high school students on Thursday were serious in nature and would lead to consequences to be decided by Tuesday.

Richard Burns, the district superintendent, and J.P. Foster, the school board president, declined to elaborate on the specifics of the pranks or the possible extent of disciplinary actions. They did say, however, that no animals were harmed during the incidents.

"The administration and the police are investigating the situation," Mr. Burns and Mr. Foster said in a joint statement. "There will be consequences for those involved. We are all deeply disappointed."

Mr. Burns said that a lot of "chatter" on social media is exaggerating what actually took place. "It's serious, though, I don't want to minimize that," he said by phone.

School is closed Monday for the Memorial Day holiday. This story will be updated as more information becomes available.