I-Tri Globally Recognized

Craig Macnaughton

The Beyond Sport Foundation, which celebrates inspirational organizations worldwide that use sport to address social issues, announced its annual Beyond Sport Global Awards shortlist last week. From 300 entries, the I-Tri program, which is based in East Hampton and promotes leadership and life skills for girls through athletics, was one of 37 organizations on the list.

Since 2009, the foundation’s annual awards have attracted 2,425 projects from 2,500 organizations in 148 countries, covering 37 sports.

“We’ve applied to this award in the past, and this is the first time we’ve got this far,” Theresa Roden, the founder and executive director of I-Tri, said. “There were entries from across the globe, so the fact that I-Tri, from this little corner of Long Island, has a shot at winning is just amazing.”

On the Beyond Sports website, the shortlisted organizations are described as “a diverse portfolio of work, from organizations raising awareness of endangered marine habitats through sailing with fishermen in Vietnam; to the use of triathlons in empowering adolescent girls on Long Island; to a groundbreaking digital media training program that uses football to provide underserved youth with the skills, support, and a public platform to make their voices heard.”

I-Tri is also listed as one of three hopefuls within the category “Sport for Health and Well-Being.”

The awards will be announced during a two-day event in New York City on July 26 and 27. The overall winner will receive $50,000, and winners in each of 11 categories will also take home a cash prize.

“We’ve got a one-in-37 chance to win the overall prize and a one-in-three shot at winning our category. I’m very excited,” Ms. Roden said.