Study Delays Depot Contract

The contract for the sale of the Springs-Fireplace Road property where the East Hampton School District plans to build a much-discussed bus depot has not yet been signed by East Hampton Town, as it awaits the results of a required State Environmental Quality Review Act study. Jonathan Heidelberger, the district’s attorney, explained the reason for the delay at an East Hampton School Board meeting Tuesday evening. 

The delay, according to Richard Burns, the district superintendent, makes it unlikely that the necessary public vote can be held this fall, with May a more realistic goal.  

 In its initial phase, the study is a coordinated effort by the Suffolk County Water Authority, the East Hampton Town Board and Highway Department,  and other authorities. The town will defer signing the contract until the report is public. Once signed, the school district will declare itself the lead agency in the process and will have 45 days to carry out further environmental and safety studies. 

“We’re bound,” Mr. Heidelberger said, referring to the district’s commitment to purchase the land. He remained hopeful that the deal would be formalized by the end of the month.