Amagansett Schoolhouse Makes It to Its New Home

Durell Godfrey photos

The original Amagansett schoolhouse, built in 1802, was moved on Saturday from the Atlantic Avenue property of Huntington and Adelaide Sheldon, who donated the structure to the Amagansett School District. The old building now sits on the northwest corner of the modern school's grounds.

"It's almost as if it has a life and a spirit of its own," Eleanor Tritt, Amagansett's superintendent, said as she watched a crew of about eight from Davis Construction, the company charged with moving the structure, bring it to its new home.

The entire trip was about three-quarters of a mile but took nearly two hours. The old schoolhouse had been propped up onto a wheeled platform first, prior to its move. On Saturday morning, workers latched a remote-controlled hydraulic pump motor system to the platform, then guided the whole structure north on Atlantic Avenue and then west on Amagansett's Main Street to the school property. Meanwhile, a crew of tree trimmers from the East Hampton Town Highway Department made sure there were no errant branches in the old building's path.

Saturday's trip was the fourth time the schoolhouse had been moved to different properties around town. Built by Samuel Schellinger, a millwright, it is thought to be the oldest on eastern Long Island.

A celebration of its arrival is planned for Oct. 2 at 9:15 a.m. at the Amagansett School.