South Fork Poetry: ‘The Coondini Family Magic Show’

By Bruce Buschel

We were startled by raccoons
making a racket
in the middle of the night
in the kitchen
eating Marmite
and cat kibble
Luden’s cough drops too
(did they have the sniffles?)

We scared the raccoons
with tennis rackets
in the middle of the night
and they fled the kitchen
despite the light
between the screen
and the window frame
(which they had pushed apart)

We bought Havahart traps
as our protection racket
in the middle of the next day
and something sweet
to capture our prey
in order to relocate
them to the Pine Barrens
(where unhuddled masses stray)

We had a raccoon mover ready —
$50 per is some racket —
but in the middle of the morn
with the trapdoor shut
there was no candy corn
and no critters to be found
Coondini & Family had vanished
(we have tickets for the next show)

    Bruce Buschel is a writer, producer, director, and restaurateur who lives in Bridgehampton.