South Fork Poetry: ‘Shakespeare and Company’

By Lucas Hunt

Let’s get red wine, forget about the rest,
except be kind to strangers lest they be
angels in disguise. Oh holy bookstore
I slept in a rug on your floor
in December 1996, beer and poems
for inspiration. Paris scared me shitless.
I had a notebook, baptized by fire,
to write in alleys behind museums.
A woman sold sandwiches from her door
and talked about the thrill of being far
from home. A city’s smell excites
more memories at once than anything —
feeling of youth, river air, cobalt sky.

You walk the streets but do not think
until a wind lifts leaves and familiar
odors, years pass, much gets lost,
yet on Boulevard des Invalides
eternal qualities remain.

    Lucas Hunt of Springs, the founder of Hunt & Light, a publisher of poetry, will read from his work tonight at 6 at Neoteric Fine Art in Amagansett. The poem above is from a forthcoming collection. Also reading will be L. Lukas Ortiz, Amy Cammel, Emma Macwhinnie, and Tyler Armstong. Donations of $10 to Neoteric will be accepted.