South Fork Poetry: ‘Form Letter’

By Matthew Frazier

What sucks isn’t that tomorrow
I’ll be busy again too, but this evening,
caramel cremes and hot chocolate aside,
will be lackluster. A motive is nothing
to be proud of. Hyper-caffeination leads
to excessive bitterness. If only you weren’t on
the other side of the room and maybe yesterday
was more than a day away, then what was once
a motive for desire could be origami,
your letter folded into a swan, but
it’s not your neck I’m after.

The distance between galaxies is a lucky
break compared to the energy required to make
my back sweat. The universe needs to relax.
In human lifetimes there are an infinite number
of directions and the universe expands anyway.
When we sat with our backs to the wall during
some cosmic event, it was the breeze in your hair
I noticed and how rare a breeze at night is now
that we love the television. What once was
event is now rebroadcast at certain intervals
and in this way resembles Halley’s Comet.

    “Form Letter” is from Matthew Frazier’s debut collection of poems, “****Original Message****.” Mr. Frazier, who studied at the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop and lives in New Paltz, N.Y., will read from it on Aug. 24 at 6 p.m. at the Mark Humphrey Gallery in Southampton. The book is just out from Hunt & Light, a new poetry publisher in East Hampton. Its founder, Lucas Hunt, will read from his 2006 collection, “Lives.”