South Fork Poetry: ‘At Dylan’s Diner’

By Bruce Buschel

Before the onset of age and arteries
breakfasts were freewheelin’ affairs
runny sunny-side-up eggs on a stack
with crispy bacon and greasy home fries
buttered white toast and java black
heated debates with friends and foes
cigarette smoke blowin’ in the wind
across the sports page and scandals
the Times, they were aragin’

With the onset of age and arteries
breakfast is just blood on the tracks
egg white omelettes with turkey bacon
decaf latte with skim milk and Splenda
gluten-free toast and a protein shake
washing down statins and percocets
alone in a franchise in a mall
no country pie for a country mile
the Times, they are adownloadin’

    Bruce Buschel is a writer, producer, director, and restaurateur. He lives in Bridgehampton.