South Fork Poetry: ‘April Beach’

By Rosalind Brenner

White translucent balloon
lost from a child’s delight
skips freely for a moment
along the sandy landscape
draws pattern on the wind.
Sapphire sky backdrops
its wild frolic.

Time shifts. Afternoon light
kindles the beach bright umber.
A jogger, sweating, shirtless,
stops, turns seaward for a moment
while the white balloon
skitters down the shore,
dips and lifts before it goes
to sheer pale tatters.

    Rosalind Brenner of Springs has organized the Poetry Affair for tomorrow at LTV Studios in Wainscott. The reading and fund-raiser, from 7 to 9 p.m., will feature poets such as Grace Schulman and Fran Castan. Admission is $5 or a donation of food to the East Hampton Food Pantry.