Great Food Truck Derby

sponsored by Edible East End

   Circled up like a wagon train on a field at Bridgehampton’s Hayground School on Friday, the food trucks participating in this year’s Great Food Truck Derby sponsored by Edible East End magazine served up everything from curry to tacos and sweet and savory crepes to a large crowd of circulating nibblers.
    Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches from the Morris Grilled Cheese truck included a variety with gooey gouda and bacon between the toasted bread brushed with butter flavored with ramps, while Rickshaw — a fully motorized vehicle, despite its name — handed out tasty dumplings of chicken-Thai basil, pork-and-Chinese chive, and vegetarian edamame varieties, each with its own dipping sauce. Banh mi sandwiches on crusty bread served by the Paris Sandwich truck included layers of barbecue pork and matchstick-sliced daikon and other vegetables.
    At the Johnson Truck, the chef leaned out of his service window, making room for his tall white hat, to serve up chili macaroni and cheese and Cajun crawfish pie. Eat Me Drink Me, an “Alice in Wonderland”-inspired truck, enticed eaters with its fanciful graphics, along with its truffle fries.   

Joanne Pilgrim Photos