The Juicy Naam's Juicy Cleanse

The cleanse begins with a 60-minute consultation
Healing chants fill the food and juices included with the cleanse with “vibrations that have a deep effect on the molecular structure, making them even more nourishing to body as well as spirit, ” according to the Juicy Naam Web site. Carrie Ann Salvi

   At $100 per day, the Juicy Naam’s customized cleanse is “not just juice,” said Giuliana Torre, the Naam’s founder and owner.
    Rather, she said, the cleanse program she has created is a compilation of the “best practices from all of the cleanses that I have personally done, studied, and observed.” While addressing a client’s allergies, contraindications, and preferences, personalized programs are designed that consist of 100-percent organic juices and foods made fresh daily in each of the store’s three locations — Manhattan, East Hampton, and Sag Harbor — with local produce when possible. And they’re made “consciously,” one by one, with specific mantras playing in the kitchen, she said.
    Organic ingredients, she explains on her Web site, are full of healing enzymes that transform cells and rejuvenate the body. Healing chants fill the food with “vibrations that have a deep effect on the molecular structure, making them even more nourishing to body as well as spirit.”
    The cleanse begins with a 60-minute consultation. The length of the program customized to the needs of the client.
    Continuous support is offered throughout, including a customized meditation program. Also included is a list of personalized mantras, available online for those not wishing to partake in the entire program.
    Supportive bodywork is suggested in addition to the juice and food in the personalized program. Ms. Torre recommends bodywork to complement her clients’ cleansing process, or as an after-cleanse weekly ritual for relaxation and optimal health.
    Clients pay the going local rate for these services — $120 for an hour of reflexology, for example, or $165 for “Superfood for the Skin,” which includes dry skin brushing, polishing, moisturizing, and a superfood algae drink. Lymphatic drainage is also offered to release toxins by supporting the body’s natural lymph flow, and some people opt for what is called Harmonyum, said to “raise the vibratory frequency of the spiritual body to neutralize negative karmic influences or energy blocks from the past, while activating the body’s innate healing mechanism.”
    Those with interest and the financial ability can also purchase healing accessories with violet crystal technology such as pulsar probes, which resemble pens, ranging from $1,500 to $3,300, and are intended to address issues such as pain, inflammation, scars, wrinkles, even acne. An ionic detoxifying footbath and amethyst biomat to lie on can be had for $1,850.
    With a background in finance and portfolio management, Ms. Torre spent many years on Wall Street “advising wealthy families on how to manage their money,” she said. “I was burned out, stressed out, and living a generally unbalanced life.” A quest to regain her health turned into an “obsession with all things healthy,” she said.
    Although she loves to eat in fancy French restaurants and enjoy a great glass of wine, she said, “It’s all about balance.”
    During her journey, Ms. Torre met Gurunam, also known as Joseph Michael Levry, a spiritual teacher, writer, and lecturer. Although Ms. Torre had practiced many forms of yoga, her first class with Gurunam and Naam yoga, a combination of kundalini and the Kabbalah, was a revelation. She enrolled in Naam yoga teacher training, and by the end of the training, she said, “the entire master plan for the juice bar was downloaded to me and my entire life had changed.”
    She also holds a master’s in spiritual nutrition from Tree of Life in Arizona, and offers private sessions in Naam yoga, based in part on her client’s planetary influences.
    One client who completed a Juicy Naam cleanse claimed in an e-mail that it helped her to overcome infertility. Others have said that it helped them undo overindulgences, give up vices like coffee, or become vegetarians.
    While cleanses may be the Juicy Naam’s ultimate offering, walk-in customers can also find healthy snacks and juices or smoothies with names and descriptions to tempt the health seeker. The newest is the $20 Transmutation Smoothie, a mix of raspberry ketones, wild mango, brown seaweed, saffron, horsetail, fossil shell flour, licorice root, silica, probiotics, green powder, coconut water, and black sesame seeds, which promises to help eliminate fat, reduce toxins, support immune and brain function, regulate serotonin levels, lower cholesterol, and boost mineral assimilation.
    Ms. Torre’s seasonal East Hampton location is on Race Lane, with an adjacent studio for private sessions. She has a year-round spot on Division Street in Sag Harbor and just opened in April at the Hotel Wales on Madison Avenue. And on Tuesday, she announced that Juicy Naam will be running its cleanse and healing work out of Surf Lodge in Montauk all summer.

This article has been updated from the original version that appeared online and in print. According to Ms. Torre, the daily price of the cleanse is $100, not $150 as was originally stated.


otherwise known as baloney. pretty expensive coming from a place where the owner is always stressed out. More affordable and peaceful would be a juicer and yoga classes.
Hi Anonymous, Let us know who you are! And come by for a juice on us! We were so happy to be open 7 days a week all winter to serve the community and yes it was a bit of a stressful winter with organic produce prices tripling, however we are committed to preserving the integrity of the organic ingredients and quality of our food in all three stores. It's awesome that you have your own juicer...if you have the time that's the way to go! Sending love and light, Giuliana Founder/CEO/CFO Harmonyum Practitioner and Certified Naam Yoga Instructor
Anonymous who are you?
Anonymous who are you and why leave a comment like that? I have never tried The Juicy Naam but just because of Anonymous I must support Ms. Torre. When in your area I would be happy to stop by.