Juice Factory Keeps It Pure

A cold press squeezes the juice from fresh fruit
Bret Caretsky, Madi Murphy, and Mr. Caretsky’s brother, Paul Caretsky, are the owners of the Montauk Juice Factory, whose cold-pressed concoctions promise to nourish, fuel, detox, revive, or hydrate the body. Janis Hewitt

The folks at the Montauk Juice Factory are so in love with Montauk and its people that they’ve opened a place where customers can get healthy just by drinking one of their concoctions. And there are many to choose from.

The store on South Etna Avenue is naturally lit, the sunlight streaming in through the large windows of the space, which is right next to Lila Yoga. Bret Caretsky, his brother, Paul Caretsky, and Madi Murphy are the owners. Ms. Murphy, who visited the hamlet on vacations as a child, is a health coach certified by the New York Institute of Integrated Nutrition. The brothers have been part-time residents since they were children, and both are certified in food management by the Suffolk County Department of Health Services.

In the back room of the store is a cold press that squeezes the juice from fresh fruit purchased weekly at the Montauk Chamber of Commerce’s farmers market or within 100 miles of the area. The press, with its steel plates, is designed to eliminate oxygen during the process to keep the flavors of the fruit pure. Rows of neatly lined pineapples sit beside it in a pristine kitchen.

For those on the run, the juices are sold in bottles in a refrigerator in the main part of the store. Each juice is blended to help nourish, fuel, detox, revive, or hydrate the body, and some are just plain delicious, especially the pineapple and coconut juices, which taste quite different from those bought in supermarkets.

“It’s liquid sunshine in a bottle,” Ms. Murphy said.

Every item in the store is organic and natural. There are scented soaps, skin care items, sunscreen, beach spray for hair, chia chips, kale chips, and T-shirts.

The shop is participating in Hamptons Wellness Week, which starts on July 13 and enables ticketholders to try out fitness classes, spa services, and more at a reduced rate. The tickets cost $45, and if purchased from the Juice Factory they come with a half-price discount off a drink.

The store is open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.