News for Foodies: 08.17.17

Local Food News

Those looking for a way to toast the solar eclipse can find a special cocktail at the Coast Kitchen at the Montauk Yacht Club on Monday. The $13 cocktail, which consists of vodka, lemonade, and a Chambord float, will be available that day only.


Poke, Man, Go

Sammy’s Restaurant and Bar in Montauk has opened a new grab-and-go window for Hawaiian poke bowls, raw fish (typically tuna) that is cubed and tossed with seasonings and blended into a bowl of greens and other ingredients.

In addition to a number of set combinations such as Maui Wowi (ahi tuna, greens, sweet onion, cucumber, daikon, seaweed, tobiko, ginger dressing, and crisp wonton), patrons can also put together their own bowls from a base including rice, sesame noodles, or greens; a protein including tofu and chicken; vegetables, dressing, toppings, and crunch: wontons, onions, parmesan, or jalapeno crisps, or toasted peanuts. The bowls range in price from $12.95 to $14.95.


Ancient Chinese Secrets

A chance to learn Chinese cooking with Karen Lee, the author of five cookbooks and a caterer and cooking teacher based in New York City, is coming up in Amagansett, where Ms. Lee will teach a session on Aug. 27 at a private residence. Participants will earn how to stir-fry without having anything stick to the wok and how to make Chinese dishes that are lower in fat and salt, and tastier, than those served in Chinese restaurants. 

The tentative menu includes barbecued Cantonese spare ribs using Niman Ranch pork; Sichuan diced chicken using D’Artagnan chicken, which cooks will learn how to bone and how to make stock from; shrimp with cucumber; rice noodles with fresh and pickled vegetables (instruction will be given in making those, too), and homemade plum sauce and spicy mustard. 

Space is limited, and the cost is $120. Registration can be done online at or by calling 631-267-3653. Students can provide their own wine to accompany the meal, which will be shared on the night of the class.