Schedules were accurate as of press time, but change often. Check the theaters for updates throughout the week. 

From the Dec. 13  issue.

EAST HAMPTON CINEMA, 844-462-7342, ext. 618

“At Eternity’s Gate,” Thursday, 12/13, 4:15 and 7:15 p.m.

“Bohemian Rhapsody,” Thursday, 12/13, 4 and 7 p.m., Friday, 3:30, 6:30, and 9:45 p.m., Saturday, 12:30, 3:30, 6:30, and 9:45 p.m., Sunday, 12:30, 3:30, and 6:30 p.m., Monday and Tuesday, 4:10 and 7 p.m.

“Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald,” Thursday, 12/13, 4:10 p.m.

“The Favourite,” Thursday, 12/13, 5 p.m., Friday, 4, 7, and 10 p.m., Saturday, 1, 4, 7, and 10 p.m., Sunday, 1, 4, and 7 p.m., Monday and Tuesday, 4:15 and 7:15 p.m.

“Green Book,” Thursday, 12/13, 4 and 7 p.m., Friday, 3:45, 6:45, and 9:50 p.m., Saturday, 12:45, 3:45, 6:45, and 9:50 p.m., Sunday, 12:45, 3:45, and 6:45 p.m., Monday and Tuesday, 4 and 7 p.m.

“The Mule,” Friday, 4:15, 7:15, and 10:15 p.m., Saturday, 4:15, 7:15, and 10:15 p.m., Saturday, 1:15, 4:15, 7:15, and 10:15 p.m., Sunday, 1:15, 4:15, and 7:15 p.m., Monday and Tuesday, 4:15 and 7:20 p.m.

“Vox Lux,” Thursday, 12/13, 7:15 p.m., Friday, 4:30, 7:30, and 10:20 p.m., Saturday, 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, and 10:20 p.m., Sunday, 1:30, 4:30, and 7:20 p.m., Monday and Tuesday, 4:20 and 7:20 p.m.

“The Wife,” Thursday, 12/13, 7:45 p.m.


SOUTHAMPTON CINEMA, 844-462-7342, ext. 633

“Aquaman,” next Thursday, 5 and 8:15 p.m. (3-D)

“Creed II,” Thursday, 12/13, 3:50 and 7:20 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 12:50, 4, 7, and 10 p.m., Sunday, 12:50, 4, and 7 p.m., Monday and Tuesday, 3:50 and 6:50 p.m.

“Mary Poppins Returns,” Wednesday, 12:15, 3:30, 6:45, and 9:45 p.m.

“Mortal Engines,” Friday and Saturday, 12:40, 3:45, 6:45 (3-D), and 9:45 p.m., Sunday, 12:40, 3:45, and 6:45 p.m. (3-D), Monday and Tuesday, 4 (3-D) and 7 p.m.

“Ralph Breaks the Internet,” Thursday, 12/13, 3:40 and 7:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 1, 4:15, 7:15, and 10:15 p.m., Sunday, 

1, 4:15, and 7:15 p.m., Monday and Tuesday, 4:15 and 7:10 p.m.

“Schindler’s List,” Thursday, 12/13, 3:30 p.m.

“A Star Is Born,” Thursday, 12/13, 4 and 7:10 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 12:30, 3:30, 6:30, and 9:30 p.m., Sunday, 12:30, 3:30, and 6:30 p.m., Monday and Tuesday, 3:40 and 6:40 p.m.

Quick Takes

“AT ETERNITY’S GATE,” rated R. Willem Dafoe stars as Vincent van Gogh in this complex, kaleidoscopic film that dwells on the artist’s inner struggles in the last two years of his life. Directed and co-written by Julian Schnabel.

“BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY,” rated PG-13. A film that celebrates both the music of Queen and its lead singer, Freddie Mercury. Rami Malek stars as Mercury, with Ben Hardy, Mike Myers, Joseph Mazzello, and Gwilym Lee.

“CREED II,” rated PG-13. Adonis Creed wants to avenge the death of his father, Apollo, by fighting the son of his killer. With Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed and Sylvester Stallone again as the champ-turned-coach. Tessa Thompson plays Creed’s love interest.

“FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD,” rated PG-13. Part of the “Harry Potter” franchise, in which a powerful wizard plots in 1920s New York to breed pure-blood followers to rule over non-magical beings. Johnny Depp stars as the evil Gellert Grindelwald, Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander, and Jude Law as Albus Dumbledore.

“THE FAVOURITE,” rated R. Two women vie to be close to a frail but commanding Queen Anne in 18th-century England. Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone, and Olivia Colman (as the queen) star in this psychological drama and portrait of ambition.

“GREEN BOOK,” rated PG-13. A world-renowned black pianist is on a concert tour through the Deep South, with an Italian-American from the Bronx as his driver. They follow “The Green Book” to find restaurants and hotels where blacks are welcomed, building a deep bond along the way. Starring Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen.

“MARY POPPINS RETURNS,” rated PG. The greatest nanny ever rejoins the Banks family, helping them rediscover the joy and wonder missing from their lives. Rob Marshall directed a cast with Emily Blunt in the title role and Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer, Julie Walters, and Colin Firth.

“MORTAL ENGINES,” rated PG-13. Hundreds of years after the collapse of civilization, a mysterious young woman is the only one who can stop London, now a giant predator on wheels, from destroying everything left on earth.

“THE MULE,” rated R. Clint Eastwood directed and stars in this true story about a World War II veteran in his 80s who, broke and desperate, becomes a courier for the Sinaloa drug cartel. With Bradley Cooper, Dianne Wiest, and Michael Pena.

“RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET,” rated PG. From Disney Animation, this sequel to “Wreck-It Ralph” places the hero and his best friend inside the internet in an attempt to save a favorite online game.

“SCHINDLER’S LIST,” rated R. Twenty-five years after its release, the Steven Spielberg holocaust masterpiece gets a limited re-release. With Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who was believed to have saved more than 1,000 people from the concentration camps.

“A STAR IS BORN,” rated R. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga star in this remake of the classic tragic love story, dipping into cynicism about the entertainment industry and the rise of a young talent amid the downfall of another, older performer.

“VOX LUX,” rated R. Spanning the years 1999 and 2017, the story follows a teenage girl’s surprise rise to pop stardom and then her fall, after which she climbs back to success with a collection of sci-fi anthems. Starring Natalie Portman, with Jude Law as her manager.

“THE WIFE,” rated R. Glenn Close and Jonathan Pryce are a couple married nearly 40 years in a film that weaves youthful passion and literary ambition with the intervening years. Annie Starke and Harry Lloyd are in supporting roles as the couple when young. With Christian Slater and Max Irons.

Other Venus

159 Main Street, East Hampton. 631-329-5947.

 “White Christmas,” the holiday classic with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney, Friday, Dec. 21, 1 p.m. • “Fitzwilly,” a 1967 comedy about a butler (Dick Van Dyke), who goes to great lengths to hide from his boss the fact that she is bankrupt, Dec. 22, 1 p.m.

Main Street, East Hampton. 631-324-0806,

“Maria by Callas,” a 2017 documentary about the celebrated opera singer, Dec. 22, 6 p.m., $15, $10 for members, presented as part of the Hamptons International Film Festival’s Now Showing series.

2478 Main Street, Bridgehampton. 631-537-0015

 “Portrait of an Artist,” a documentary about the Spanish painter Esteban Vicente, who lived in New York and Bridgehampton, Monday, 7 p.m., presented with Hamptons Doc Fest.

Main Street, Sag Harbor. 631-725-0049

“East of Eden,” Elia Kazan’s adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel, starring James Dean, Thursday, 12/13, 6:30 p.m., registration required. • “The Man Who Invented Christmas,” a 2017 biographical drama that follows Charles Dickens at the time he wrote “A Christmas Carol,” Wednesday, 1 p.m.

871 Montauk Highway, Montauk. 631-668-3377

 “Crazy Rich Asians,” a romantic comedy-drama set among the wealthy in Singapore, Wednesday, 7 p.m.

279 Montauk Highway, Water Mill. 631-283-2118,

“Keith Sonnier: Sketches to Neon,” a 20-minute documentary about the artist whose work is currently on view at the museum, followed by a discussion among Lana Jokel, the director, Mr. Sonnier, and Alicia Longwell, the museum’s chief curator, Friday, 6 p.m., $12, free for members and students. • “Meow Wolf: Origin Story,” a documentary about how an anarchic art collective in Santa Fe became a multimillion-dollar business, Friday, Dec. 21, 6 p.m., $12, free for members and students.

25 Job’s Lane, Southampton.

“Miracle on 34th Street,” the 1947 Christmas comedy-drama with Maureen O’Hara, John Payne, Natalie Wood, and Edmund Gwenn, Friday, Dec. 21, 6 p.m., $10, $7 for friends, cocoa and cookies will be served.