Union Makes Endorsements

    The Civil Services Employees Association has announced its endorsement of several Democratic candidates including Zach Cohen for East Hampton Town supervisor and Sylvia Overby and Peter Van Scoyoc for town board, but also for the Republican candidate for highway superintendent, Stephen Lynch.
    Based on their interviews with the association’s political action committee, “these candidates showed the most accurate alignment to what C.S.E.A. membership is concerned with and how we can best work together to service the concerns of the community,” the union’s president, Heath Liebman, said.
    “There are plenty of issues that weighed on a large number of members,” Mr. Liebman said. “But what came up especially was about protecting the aesthetics of this town, the environment and our ability to work and live and survive here.”
    The C.S.E.A. in East Hampton, which represents more than 200 town employees, invited candidates to meet with its political action committee in June and July. Trustee candidates were not interviewed or endorsed.
    Mr. Liebman explained that while the goals for the trustees are of “critical importance,” those running for town board are dealing with the day-to-day issues that closely affect the members of the C.S.E.A., thus their position on certain issues were of vital importance.”
    Mr. Liebman noted that Bill Wilkinson, the incumbent town supervisor, chose not to fill out the C.S.E.A. questionnaire and instead provided his own informational packet.
    “We brought the findings of the PAC interviews of every candidate to our membership,” Mr. Liebman explained. “We allow our membership to be part of the process and weigh what we see as the pros and cons of each candidate. The C.S.E.A. members overwhelmingly supported these candidates.”