Two Sagg Boards Now One

The Sagaponack Village Board of Trustees
The Sagaponack Village Board of Trustees has streamlined its duties, and acted as the planning board on Monday. Carrie Ann Salvi

    After agreeing on Dec. 19 to abolish the village planning board and assume that board’s duties itself, the Sagaponack Village Board held its first meeting to address planning matters on Monday.
    The agenda on Monday included two ongoing applications — a four-lot subdivision of a 12.3-acre parcel on Sagg Road owned by the Wolffer Trust, and site plan review for Cassia Meiguo Properties on Daniels Lane, where the owners want to bring in fill to raise the property’s grade in conjunction with renovating the house and landscape improvements there. 
    In addition to streamlining duties for members, who previously served on both boards, the consolidation of the two boards was a plus for Nick Martin, an architect representing Cassia Meiguo Properties, who said construction would otherwise have been delayed for a month until the next planning board meeting.
     In order for the applicant to move forward with raising the grade of the lot, the board has required that Cassia Meiguo first remove, at its own expense, juniper trees on village property in front of the privately-owned land because of safety concerns caused by the trees’ height and density. Mr. Martin said he could not make this commitment without approval from his client; however, they will return to Village Hall on Tuesday for the next village board meeting.
    Also addressed at Monday’s meeting was a new local law on erosion and sediment control, written as part of a Sagaponack water pollution prevention plan. The law includes new provisions consistent with the municipal separate storm sewer system management requirements. It will require that a stormwater pollution prevention plan be approved as a condition of any land development activity. The board is expected to adopt the law at its meeting on Tuesday.