Government Briefs 03.29.12

Energy Forum at Town Hall, On Disabilities Compliance

East Hampton Town

Energy Forum at Town Hall
    Small-business owners have been invited to a forum at East Hampton Town Hall on Monday to learn about ways to reduce energy consumption and save money. Sponsored by the Long Island Power Authority, the town, the East Hampton Business Alliance, and other organizations, the forum will provide information about free energy assessments and LIPA programs that offer rebates on energy-efficient upgrades. Federal and state tax incentives available for businesses seeking to reduce their energy consumption will be discussed as well. The program will begin at 10 a.m. Those with questions have been asked to get in touch with Joel Halsey of the Planning Department.

On Disabilities Compliance
    At a meeting last week, members of the East Hampton Town and Village Disabilities Advisory Committee asked the East Hampton Town Board to support its efforts to increase compliance, at public places within the town, with the federal Americans With Disabilities Act guidelines on handicapped access. Although provisions of the act do not always apply — if buildings were constructed prior to its adoption, for instance — the law says that if removal of barriers to access is “readily achievable,” it must be done. The committee produced a referral form for people to report problematic locations but wants to implement a more proactive plan to increase compliance by contacting the owners of targeted sites and having village or town officials, such as the building inspector, make follow-up visits.
    While the village has begun to work with the group on its effort, Glen Hall, the committee chairman, said, the town board has not had a liaison at the disabilities group’s meetings for more than two years.