Illuminated Crosswalk for Newtown Lane

       The East Hampton Chamber of Commerce will receive a $37,000 grant from the Suffolk County Legislature to be used for the construction of an illuminated crosswalk on Newtown Lane in East Hampton Village. The village will provide 50 percent of the cost in matching funds.

       As with the two lighted crosswalks on Main Street, the new crosswalk will improve visibility for and of pedestrians. It will be installed at the site of an existing crosswalk on Newtown Lane approximately 500 feet north of Main Street.

       A series of L.E.D. lights will be installed in the pavement, wired to a control box and a push-button switch on either side of the street. The fixtures and wiring will be embedded in the surface of the pavement. Pedestrians waiting to cross the street will be able to press a button to activate the lights and signal oncoming motorists that they are about to enter the crosswalk.

       It has been estimated that it will take about a week to install, and it is expected that the work will be completed in the next year. The village’s Department of Public Works will maintain the crosswalk by repainting traffic markings every year.