Condos Available by Fall

East End Ventures hopes to have its Water Street condominiums completed by fall, after a few years of financial setbacks. A revised site plan was heard by the Sag Harbor Planning Board last week and will be reviewed more on March 26. Carrie Ann Salvi

    The waterfront building at 21 West Water Street in Sag Harbor, where construction has been at a standstill for almost four years, will become luxury condominiums with a rooftop pool by fall.
    After receiving site plan approval from the Sag Harbor Village Planning Board in 2006 and beginning construction not long after, the developer, East End Ventures, filed for bankruptcy. Now, the company is before the board again to modify its plans.
    “I don’t see that as much of a change,” said Jack Tagliasachi, a board member.
    Because of increasing the number of bedrooms per unit, the number of units will be scaled back from 19 to 15, John Reddington, the company’s architect told the board on Feb. 26. This, in turn, means that fewer parking spaces will be required.
    A walk-through from Garden Street was eliminated, and one will be added to allow access to Baron’s Cove next door, which is adding a restaurant on its second level. This brought up the issue of whether a walkway is a structure, which would need a variance from the village zoning board and would require a public hearing. The matter will be referred to Timothy Platt, the building inspector.
    The changes, which Greg Ferraris, a board member, called “pretty benign,” also include reworking the landscape and lighting plans and adding “outdoor rooms.” Mr. Reddington said these would be enclosed outdoor areas with a hedge extending from the porches. Mr. Ferraris said this was another matter to be reviewed by Mr. Platt for adherence to setbacks.
    Landscape changes from the original site plan include the planting of low-growing material closer to the building and native grasses and perennials along Water Street, Mr. Reddington said, and an additional row of evergreen screening on the west side of the building.
    A gravel outdoor seating area is also proposed. Denise Schoen, the Sag Harbor Village attorney, warned that this may count toward the property’s overall lot coverage and could also require a variance and a public hearing.
    Mr. Ferraris said that a review of lighting would be necessary too, to be sure it complies with dark skies regulations.
    With millions of dollars of liens against the property by subcontractors, East End Ventures is in the midst of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but found a way to finance the project and move forward.
    The application was tabled until to next month’s meeting.