Stanzione Totals Reported

    The East Hampton Independence Party and Friends of Dominick Stanzione, both of which had not filed detailed financial disclosure statements for the first half of the year by the July 15 deadline, filed their statements with the New York State Board of Elections in the past week.

    The East Hampton Independence Party listed no contributions in its report, but paid out $2,518.98. A $2,000 contribution on April 28 to Friends of Jay Schneiderman, supporting his re-election bid for county legislator, accounts for the bulk of that.

    Friends of Dominick Stanzione originally filed a “no activity” report for the period, but has since submitted a detailed account, which shows $14,058.87 in spending and no individual or corporate contributions. According to the report, Mr. Stanzione, a Republican running for his second four-year term on the East Hampton Town Board, has been financing his campaign with his own money, having made a series of loans to his campaign committee between March 26 and June 20 that totaled exactly what was spent in the first half of the year. It appears from the date and amount of the loans and the date of the expenditures that Mr. Stanzione simply covered his campaign expenses out of his own pocket.

    He admitted early last week to errors in filing and said he had hired a professional to oversee his financial disclosure reports and amend the filing to correct the record. A candidate may make loans to his or her committee, but those loans must be reported to the board of elections.

    His spending included $9,059 for print and online advertisements. He also spent $2,750 on professional services, with $1,000 going to Alex Boucher of Fort Pierce, Fla., and $1,750 to Marli Tole of Deerfield Beach, Fla.

    He also paid $2,250 to L.B.L. Services in East Hampton, Lona Rubenstein’s political consulting firm. Of that, $750 was for campaign mailings.

    According to the New York State Board of Elections, L.B.L. has also done work this election year for Larry Cantwell, the Democratic and Independence Party candidate for supervisor, and Fred Overton, the other Republican candidate for town board.