Cyril’s Is Open for Season

Su­preme Court Justice Joseph Farneti lifted a temporary restraining order

Cyril’s Fish House, the popular roadside restaurant on the Napeague stretch, received the okay to open for the season last Thursday, when acting Su­preme Court Justice Joseph Farneti lifted a temporary restraining order that would have required the restaurant to operate in conformance to its layout in the mid-1980s, when the establishment was much smaller.

According to Justice Farneti, speaking in New York State Supreme Court in Riverhead, the owners of the restaurant had remedied conditions that had posed “imminent danger” to the public and that first caused him to issue the restraining order on April 12. However, he also fast-tracked East Hampton Town’s lawsuit against the restaurant for operating an illegally expanded business, setting a June 9 date for a hearing.

On May 20, Tom Preiato, the town’s chief building inspector, lifted a stop work order that applied to work being done on a front brick patio and a dry bar. In January, the patio had been pulled up and the bar moved to allow for the removal of two 2,000-gallon underground gasoline storage tanks dating back many years to when the spot was a gas station. Mr. Preiato said at the time that the owners had not obtained permits for any of the work and halted it.

On May 21, Mr. Preiato said he had lifted the order with the understanding that the bricks would be replaced by clean local gravel. He also said that the owners had obtained the needed permits for the removal of the tanks.

The bricks have been moved from the front area, and there is now a level surface of gravel where the front patio had been.

Cyril’s was open last weekend and as crowded as ever, many of its patrons no doubt unaware of the legal issues that could have kept the hotspot shuttered.