Government Briefs 07.10.14

Local government notes

Suffolk County
Credit vs. Cash

Legislator Jay Schneiderman is cosponsoring a bill that would require gasoline retailers in Suffolk to display credit card prices as prominently as cash prices.

Luring drivers in with a cash price, when gas may be much higher per gallon for credit purchases “is deceptive and inconveniences drivers who will either pay the additional fee or have to get back on the highway to find another more affordable station,” Mr. Schneiderman said in a release. This is not the legislator’s first attempt to address thd practice. Earlier this year he attempted to force retailers to have an electronic prompt give consumers warning. Retailers protested and the measure was tabled.

Legislator Kara Hahn, a member of the Legislature’s Consumer Protection Committee, and Legislator William Lindsay III are also sponsoring the bill. “The purpose of this law is not to dictate pricing to the market but only to require gasoline retailers to honestly present their prices,” Mr. Lindsay said in a release.

The bill will come before the Government Operations, Personnel, Housing, and Consumer Protection Committee on July 23. 

Mosquito Spraying
The Suffolk County Department of Public Works’ Division of Vector Control this week began using a helicopter to spray salt marshes in East Hampton and Southampton Towns with an larvicide in an effort to control mosquitoes. On the list to be treated in East Hampton Town were marshes on Napeague and around Beach Hampton and Accabonac Harbor. In Southampton Town, the county is to spray near Meadow Lane, in North Sea, and at Jagger Lane, among other locations. According to the Health Department, it is unlikely that residents will be exposed to the spray, which is not significantly toxic to humans. More information can be obtained from the Division of Vector Control at 852-4270 or the spraying hotline, 852-4939.